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Hello and welcome to the OSINT Dojo! We are a project that aims to guide those new to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) through the first steps of their journey. Our goal is to provide those new to the OSINT field a number of free resources and simple challenges that build on one another to provide a simple road map for learning more about the field and polishing up related skills while also earning badges to show off your accomplishments.

We provide a total of 25 OSINT-related challenges spread across five different ranks. Each rank contains challenges from similar categories, each of which corresponds to an OSINT related activity or skills, such as OSINT CTFs and OSINT Quizzes that build investigative skills or challenges that require written or verbal communication. Each rank also has a unique challenge associated with that level. As the rank increases, so does the difficulty of the associated challenges. Once you complete all of the challenges in an associated rank, you can submit a rank up request and we will review your submission and, if your submission is accepted, award you a new badge.

To get started, please review the links on the left, and should you have any questions, please reach out to us on Twitter or via email.

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