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What is the OSINT Dojo?

The OSINT Dojo is a side project that attempts to gamify the OSINT learning process. We aim to provide a clear set of goals and objectives to achieve in order to guide new OSINT analysts through their OSINT journey. These objectives are designed to teach common processes, collaboration, and encourage the growth of an analyst’s OSINT skillsets. We also provide digital badges to help track your progress and show off to your friends!

How much is it?

The OSINT Dojo will cost you nothing but time and energy.

How do I participate?

To get started: In order to get started, you must first earn the rank of OSINT student. Once you’ve successfully completed all of the rank requirements for the Student level, please reach out to the OSINT Dojo and submit a rank up request. After we check everything out and verify your submission, we’ll submit you for your first badge!

To rank up: Each level within the OSINT Dojo contains a list of requirements needed in order to achieve that level and obtain the associated badge. In order to achieve the next rank, you must successfully complete all of the rank requirements and submit proof of completion to the OSINT Dojo via a rank up request. Also make sure that you have spent the minimum amount of time in your current level before submitting your documentation to rank up to the next level.

What data does the OSINT Dojo collect?

In order to supply users with their digital badges, the OSINT Dojo will require an email address. Be aware that the OSINT Dojo utilizes Badgr for granting digital badges as well as Google forms for gathering information from users. These platforms may collect and process additional information that is not shared with the OSINT Dojo. See our full Privacy Policy here.

What is the Code of Conduct?

You've likely heard the phrase "OSINT for good", and that is what we want to strive for. The OSINT Dojo will not tolerate users engaging in bullying, harassment, stalking, or other behavior which breaks any laws, crosses ethical boundaries, or makes other users feel unwelcome. Users found to be engaging in problematic or malicious behavior are subject to badge forfeiture and their removal from the program.

Can I use an OSINT challenge, CTF, etc, not listed in the resource section to satisfy challenge requirements?

The OSINT challenges and CTFs listed in the resources section are pre-approved to satisfy challenge rquirements. The OSINT Dojo cannot guarantee that OSINT challenges and CTFs outside this list will be accepted without first reviewing the source. If you would like us to review a potential new source of OSINT challenges or CTFs please submit the resource for review via Email or Twitter.